EU list to combat terrorism

The EU applies restrictive measures in pursuit of the specific objectives of the Common Foreign and Security Policy, CFSP, as set out in the Treaty of the European Union with a view to bringing about a change in such activity or policies. Restrictive measures imposed by the EU target third countries and certain non-state entities and individuals of non-EU countries such as terrorist groups and terrorists. They comprise such measures as arms embargoes, other specific or general trade restrictions, financial restrictions and restrictions on admission (visa or travel bans).
This data source offers a consolidated list containing the names and identification details of all persons, groups and entities targeted by financial restrictions. This first list address the question, "Is this person prohibited by the Council of the European Union Terrorist list?".

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A second list of persons subject only to Article IV of Council Common Position (2001/931/CFSP) on the application of specific measures to combat terrorism is also maintained. The second list addresses the question, "Is this person listed in the Council of the European Union Terrorist list?" Persons subject only to article IV may open and maintain financial accounts but are subject to full cooperation by institutions with respect to enquiries and proceedings conducted by authorities in the EU or national police force.

Data Checked:
Name, date of birth, citizenship and national identification number are all checked against the EU Terrorism list.