Private Data Sources

Private data sources are data sources that you add to Sentinel and only you, and other users in your institution, have access to. Once this data is added it will be searched against whenever a customer screen is run. There are three different categories of private data sources: Private Customer List, Private Black List, and Private Third Party List. All categories have the same structure and function but are stored separately and therefore provide a logical separation of data.

Common uses of Private Data Sources include:

  • Searching a stored list of persons or entities your institutions does not do business with Storing (Private Black List)
  • FinCen 314(a) data (Private Third Party Data)
  • Storing a list of your customers so you can do spot checks such as looking for duplicate customer names or checking recent additions to a watch list (Private Customer List)
  • Storing a watch list that is not publicly available, such as a special prosecutors' list or state list. (Private Third Party Data)
  • Storing a list of countries and cities that you want searched. The citizenship, country address and notes are searched against the private list. Country names can be the full legal name or the ISO standard three character country code. (Private Sanction Countries List)

Loading Private data

Private data can be loaded using any Microsoft Excel file that conforms to one of three formats:

  • Standard Format: Name Column, Date of Birth Column, Identity Number, Identity Number Type Description, Address1, City State Zip, Country, Note. (Only name is required leave all other missing data blank)
  • FinCen 314(a) Person format: Matches spread sheet provided by Treasury
  • FinCen 314(a) Business format: Matches spread sheet provided by Treasury