Sentinel Client Library - Download

In order to run a batch process or real time API call you must communicate with the proper Sentinel server using secure web services. TTI has created a set of java utilities that allow you to communicate with the appropriate server with out having to do any programming or elaborate integration. For more technical users you may also call the web services directly or extract your data in XML, please contact TTI for details on how this can be done.

To use the TTI utilities down load the appropriate zip file and extract the contents into a working directory. The working directory is where you customer data is extracted into and is the directory you will run all the batch commands from. In the zip file are samples of batch processes, a copy of the documentation for using the Real Time API, as well as a sample XML document. The batch processing sample is applicantCheckWC.xml or applicantCheck.xml. A sample customer extract is also included as file batch_demo_wc.xls. The file is a MS Excel file, but must people use a tab or pipe delimited text file, which will work as well.

Once all the appropriate files are in the working directory you must prepare your customer extract. The extract can be either a MS Excel file or a delimited text file. Most people use a tab delimited file. If you have a Excel file open it up and save it as a tab delimited file by going to File - Save As and selecting Save as Type = Text (Tab Delimited). You then modify the file to correctly map to your customer extract. For instance if person last name is column 5 of your extract set last_name = 5 in the file. Do this for all of the properties in the file, set the value for missing data points as 0. Follow the instructions in the README.txt file on how to convert and submit a batch.

Download Sentinel Batch / Real Time API Client Libraries