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Getting to Sentinel

Sentinel can be accessed a number of different ways including through batch processing. This User's Manual describes the most common access method via a web interface and browser. Users must have a PC, internet connection, and Web Browser to access Sentinel over the internet.

To reach the Sentinel product, you must have Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, or a similar web browser and internet connectivity. The product can be reached via the main web site URL at Or directly at

Here we are at the main Sentinel information screen. Note that they "Login" link is cleverly hidden in the upper right hand corner. (See the circle on the screen above). Move the mouse over the word "Login" and click to get the Login Screen.

If this is the first time at the site, the site may ask you if you want to accept the security certificate (see Figure 3).

Figure 3: Sample Security Certificate

To protect the identity of your client's confidential banking information, Truth Technologies uses Secure Sockets 128 bit encryption to secure all client data being set to our servers. This creates a secure conversation between your browser and our servers with all data being encrypted so it cannot be intercepted by a third party.

Depending on your browser, browser version, or browser settings, your security certificate may look slightly differently or may not appear. You will need to accept this certificate to use the product.

Login Screen

The next screen will be the login screen. Truth Technologies requires that each user purchase a subscription to Sentinel. For a bank, this would be a separate subscription for each compliance officer in each branch. Contact for more information about how to get a login ID and password.

After clicking on the login button, you'll receive the login screen. If your browser fails to bring up this screen (you get an error screen or a "page not found" error) your bank may have blocked certain types of page views or, if you are running an old or not a mainstream browser, your browser may not support the necessary security measures. Ask your IT provider to ensure that the firewall allows access to the port for secure socket layer.

Sentinel login screen
Figure 4: Sentinel Login Screen

At the login screen type your assigned user ID and password and hit the Submit button to login and begin using the system.