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Remediation Workflow (Flash Presentation - Remediating Matches)

Applicant Details

The applicant details screen shows the original query inputs.

Figure 7a: Applicant Check Details Screen

Once you have reviewed the details of the matching data you can use the Remediation Workflow process to indicate the results of the review by changing the result risk level of the customer screen, see APPENDIX D - Risk Results for details of the status choices. To mark all searches as a false positive check the box next to each match and change the Review Status to False Positive. To mark an item as pending or match verified choose the appropriate match by clicking only one check box and then change the result status. Risk levels could also be changed from the Applicant Check Results or Annotations screen. Changes on the Applicant Check Results screen change the result risk for all data sources. Changes made from the Results Detail screen affect only that data source. Once the result has been changed the "Screening History" tile on the Applicant Check Results Screen will reflect who and when the result was changed.

Screening History Tile Data Captured

Applicant and Company name
Screen run by
User who changed risk status
Date of original screen
Date of risk status change

Valid Status Changes

Current Risk StatusValid Risk Options
High and Medium RiskReview - False Positive, Review - Pending, Review - Match Verified
High Risk - New Data and Medium Risk - New DataReview - False Positive, Review - Pending, Review - Match Verified
High Risk - Duplicate and Medium Risk - DuplicateN/A
Low Risk and No Match FoundN/A
Reviewed - False Positive, Review - Pending, Reviewed - Match VerifiedReview - False Positive, Review - Pending, Review - Match Verified


Annotations can be entered to record additional information about an applicant, or to make notes about applicant status or actions being taken.

To enter an annotation click the Annotation at the top of the Applicant Results Screen, select a valid change risk review status and enter your comments into the Annotation text area and click the Submit button.

Figure 8: Annotations